PE Anatomist - PE files internals

PE Anatomist shows almost all known data structures inside PE, OBJ or LIB files and makes some analytics.

ATTENTION: If a copy of the program was obtained from another source, please make sure that the SHA256 hash value for the .exe file is the same as that specified in Readme.txt file and on changelog page. Differences in these values indicate third-party interference. It is recommended to avoid of launching and using a modified copy of the program.

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Version: 0.1.16 (2020-06-26) :: What's new? :: MIT License :: VirusTotal report
Values of hash functions for ZIP-package:
MD5: 65850D991366642440FA58E32F7977F0
SHA1: 1534A131DD735C24B86795A3D8F7D2D23FAF4F84
SHA256: FBD40E101369358D11F22ADDE9E08E75B874FA6476F1309DF19C8DD2129411CF